Our Services

Social Media Management & Marketing

We will help you manage/marketing on your Facebook Fan Page and other Social Media platforms. This will consist of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms.

  • Facebook & Setup = $90 Monthly
  • Instagram & Setup = $90 Monthly
  • Google Business & Setup = $90 Monthly

SEO Strategy

Increase brand awareness.
Drive online traffic to businesses.
Higher quality sale.
Organic lead generation.
Improve Return of Investment.

  • Premium package = $65 Monthly
  • Deluxe package = $75 Monthly
  • Ultimate package = $140 Monthly

Website Building & Hosting

We believe in love at first sight. At VORA systems, we will help you stand out from the crowd by providing you with a simple and sophisticated look for your website.

Hosting  = $285 Yearly
Website Building = $300 (One Time Charge)

Customer Booking

A modern approach to convenience, optimized appointment calendar, and always making your business is available.

Free Setup with any Website Building & Hosting Package
$60 (One Time Charge) If customer have more than than 5 employees

Content Editing & Management

We will help you translate, edit, rewriting and polish your content to the point of perfection. Because here we believe in the philosophy of being simply perfect. Content must be provided by clients.

Up to 500 words translation = $120 (One Time Charge)
500 – 1000 words translation = $210 (One Time Charge)

Editing (Must Provide Content in English):
Up to 500 words editing = $165 (One Time Charge)
500 – 1000 words editing = $255 (One Time Charge)

Rewriting (Must Provide Content in English):
Up to 500 words rewriting= $220 (One Time Charge)
500 – 1000 words editing rewriting = $395 (One Time Charge)

Content Combination Package (Includes Translation, Editing and Rewriting):
Up to 500 words = $485 (One Time Charge)
502 – 1000 words editing = $795 (One Time Charge)

Business Recovery

We offer FREE Consultation regarding about your business and web presence. 

We are ready when you are! Your beautiful content is right around the corner.